Why You're Not A Lucky Duck

When Britney sang a little story about a gal called Lucky, little did she know that it would be the anthem for every 23-30 year old well over 15 years later. Little did we know either, till we started flagging how much I, along with others, reduce success or ability down to luck. I have to travel a lot with work, which is an incredible perk of my job, and often I find myself describing it as 'lucky' to others. I've found I do the same with not only my job but also my family situation, friends, living circumstances and romantic life. I try to put down every achievement in my life to luck, hooking them onto luck hooks here, there and everywhere.

I'm not saying that I haven't been lucky - that there haven't been elements of luck sprinkled along the way. But in loudly proclaiming my alliance to luck, it undermines my own strength and success. It wasn't lucky that I got up every day during my masters at 6am so that I could work for two hours before class began. It wasn't lucky that I spent my university holidays doing work experience for free. It wasn't lucky that I sat my final university exam after finding out my mum's cancer was terminal.  To call it such is almost an insult to myself and my ability.

In the journey of self love that I believe we are all on, it's of the utmost importance to give yourself a pat on the back for achievements, whilst also being able to admit that sometimes you have absolutely no control over things. While I'm not going to get all cosmo-tastic on you and tell you why you should read The Secret and Higher Selfie, what I can say to you is that when you do achieve yourself, as important as it is to thank God/the universe/the people around you for their incredible support, it's important to look to yourself and think 'Hey, I did it.' or 'Hey I did a good job there'.

So ignore the title - cos you are a lucky duck and it is vital to be grateful for the things you do have. Take a look around and make a wee list if you fancy - don't get caught up in the idea that your actions and you can control every little element of your surroundings. But let yourself bask in what you've achieved from time to time.