15 years on since Destiny's Child Survivor and we are still surviving

As of 1st May, it became 15 years since Destiny's Child released the incredible song and video 'Survivor'. A song so iconic, it solidified camo in our wardrobes and Destiny's Child in our hearts. Survivor is an anthem for women and their friends, an iconic message which demands attention and screams the message we are strong, we are independent and we can survive. 15 years on it is just as relevant as ever. My friends and I could listen to the song in much the same way, putting it on at parties and bellowing lyrics so engrained in our minds it's like a mantra.

We've got this. We, as women, can do what we want. We are fantastic and great. We can roll around in the sand in bikinis if we want because we own our bodies and we will survive.

For my birthday this year,my partner brought me a chalk bag to be used at our weekly rock climbing sessions. The pattern on the bag is camoflage and is special to me for a particular reason. Several years ago, my sister and I had a pretty rough few months. A tragedy occured, we found out a family secret and our mum was diagnosed with a very serious and unstable form of cancer. As we battled through day to day life, attempting to piece together the ordinary and the not ordinary,we couldn't help but observe the permanence of the military trend. Military and camo seemed to be around us always, something you could wear as an armour against the difficulties of the world. Wear camo, we'd say to each other. Wear khaki and be brave. Be strong and wear camo and it'll ward off more tragedies and heartbreak. It became a sisterly pact, a kind of secret code for us to incite bravery into each other. Something I'm sure Destiny's Child would be proud to think of.

So be brave, wear camo (in the most stylish way you can) and throw on some retro Destiny's Child. In a week where Beyonce proved that she is queen once again, enjoy paying tribute to her incredible beginnings with camo.