Are nipples the coolest fashion accessory?

I have a kind of sheer white top from Missguided, which is exceptionally low cut and a little bit see through. Last year,as I tried on outfits for a night out and paraded around in my flatmate's room, she couldn't help but comment on how apparent my nipples were in said top. "Is it too much?" I worried. Though the club is dark and nobody would be able to see my nipples, I ended up being far too embarrassed to wear it out, and swiftly changed into something much more conservative and protective of said breasts. 

But now,a year on, I'm confused and a little sad that I could do that. Who would even be paying attention to my nipples when we were going to an incredible gig anyway?! In the pitch dark of Subclub, where almost everyone is so lost in their own world, it seems so unlikely to me that anyone would notice my top was a little bit sheer.


Now the conversation seems to be significantly bigger than that. Free the Nipple seems to have taken over every social media and nipples have become the latest and greatest fashion accessory with a political statement attached. Somehow, a year on, I'm no longer embarrassed or ashamed and rock my nipples; I'm sure Kate Moss would be proud.