The power of the older woman

After Queenie's recent huge birthday, we were reminded about all the awesome things that the older generation do, and how utterly fabulous they are. My own grandmother remains iconic to me for her brave and bold fashion choices. A flurry of elegant and colourful pieces remind me of her, her hair which never greyed and remained dark until her death, and her stunning beauty are always in my memories. My grandpa remains my absolute inspiration; a curious and playful fellow, he's always poking fun and searching for adventure. He pushes himself in ways I cannot imagine, and has remained brave in the face of my granny's death. 

So often in our culture we're afraid of age, but there are so many beautiful things about growing older. My grandpa is wise and strong, he is so philosophical and reflective about life and death. He's significantly more interested in things than me,always seeking more and wanting more. How incredible. The comments which become more regularly as we have more birthdays seem redundant when I look at my grandpa; why would be worried about turning 25 when he turned 92 last week and still remains more curious than I can imagine. 

We need to appreciate women, and people, of all ages. We cannot just shun those who are old, or send them to the shadows. We have to respect and be inspired by their wisedom and knowledge and the lessons they have learned and want to share with us. 


Jacky O'Shaughnessy is a beautiful woman who recently fronted an American Apparel campaign. In her StylelikeU interview she is so reflective about her life, her confidence. She describes loving herself as the hardest struggle she's had to face. She was discovered by American Apparel in New York as she sat in the street smoking a cigarette. Her story is absolutely fascinating, she is so regal and elegant. 

Bo Gilbert became the first 100 year old woman to grace the pages of Vogue this week in collaboration with Harvey Nichols.

"I dress up for myself, I certainly don't dress up for boys."

There's something stunning about an older woman's voice and Bo certainly has that deep, kinda hoarse, tone to the way she speaks which reminds you of floral smells and comforting grannies. Her comments about style and dress could be applicable to anyone though. Style is ageless, beauty is ageless. 

What post would be complete about stylish older women without recognising the iconic Iris Apfel. Business woman, fashion designer and interiror stylish, Iris recently fronted the launch of a new kind of wearable technology which actually looks good while serving an incredible purpose. Aged 94, Iris is often described as an artist who defines style. Iris was told:

"You're not pretty and you'll never be pretty but you have style"

And that's perhaps a message we should all hold onto. Wear your clothes, be brave with fashion and push the boundaries. Ignore the rules and be happy. 

Perhaps that is what is missing in our own "normcore" fashion we have all become so used to wearing. A little flare, a little eccentricity and some bravery too. Maybe looking to the older generation is the way to get that back.