Ticket for one

Glasgow is a city of gigs. DJs, bands and musicians play across the city here every night. In the coming few weeks, the incredible Tourist is playing at the legendary King Tuts, and R M Hubbert at The Art School. The issue being, I'm just not sure I have anyone to go with. During exam period for many, the coming months are intense periods for those working and at university. I'll be finished my examinations before the majority of my friends, and would like to take advantage of living in Glasgow for, potentially, the last few months. Somehow something is stopping me from booking tickets though -  how can I have less anxiety booking a flight to a country half way across the whole than booking. A gig in my own city? A trip to the cinema alone? Why am I so embarrassed by this idea? 

Ticket for one please - why is that so uncomfortable to say? Well I suppose for some people, it isn't. I've booked flights to New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, Canada, Portugal and Kenya all on my lonesome, and managed the experience absolutely fine. I can hop off the plane in another country and adjust quickly, adapt to my surroundings and make the most of my environment. Yet there is something wildly uncomfortable about doing something independently at home. So why is there something so different about going into your local cinema and asking for a ticket for one? Is it that if you travel alone, you're adventurous and daring but if you go to a gig alone you look like you've got no mates? Why can't it be the same for home and away? 

There is nothing wrong with doing things on your own, be that jetting across the world or going to the cinema. Experiences shared are, of course, fantastic in many ways. But there is nothing wrong with having time alone, and savoring that time alone. There is a difference between being alone, and lonely. Frankly, being comfortable on your own is surely just as important (if not more so) than being able to be comfortable around other people. We are often encouraged to be social, to make new friends, to constantly seek more from others...when really, sometimes a little break on your own can do you the absolute best.

Travelling alone has brought me confidence, pushed me out of my comfort zones and into exploring different cultures, meeting hundreds of different people from different backgrounds...but what's wrong with doing a little bit of exploration on your own in the first place? Absolutely nothing. What if that time alone is exactly what we need in order to become more confident and grow as people? 

So I've booked myself one ticket to see a film on Sunday night. And I've grabbed myself a ticket to see Tourist while I'm at it. Next stop? A one way flight to Greece, please.