Alexa Chung: The Comeback?

Okay I'll admit it. For some time now I've been worried about Alexa Chung's career in the same way I worry about people with one side of their head shaved off.

Alexa, like the undercut, is a bit too trendy and how its going to turn out over the years is anyone's guess. 

And Alexa's career seems to have taken a bit of a strange turn thanks to a series of largely of bizarre and underwhelming ventures, from style over substance memoir to launching an app that was essentially a poor man's Polyvore. 

Despite being seen as Britain's most stylish It Girl, as soon as Alexa began writing a book in a series of emails to her editor while wearing a One Direction onesie, for a minute there it looked like Alexa's career had no direction at all. At one point the British press began to probe:  “What does Alexa Chung do?”

And how could you blame them? The 32 year old has surely promoted more products than all the Kardashians put together (and that is saying something). There's been Eyeko eyeliner, Nails Inc polishes, Lonchamp bags and Superga shoes to name a few.  

But does a 32 year old clothes horse from Hampshire carry any weight any more (no pun intended). Surely she doesn't hold the flogging power she once had, certainly when you compare her with the likes of Gigi Hadid or Cara D. The generation gap is widening. Currently Kylie Jenner has almost 60m followers on Insta. Alexa has a little over 2m. 

So has Alexa still got 'it'? M&S certainly hope so. The British high street store are confident that  their latest collaboration with Alexa will help boost profits after another year of disappointing sales.  

The much-anticipated 31-piece collection, featuring pie crust collars and ice cream sweet shades of pink and lemon, will launch this week. To help create the collection Alexa delved into the company's archive and handpicked a selection of golden oldies to bring back to the modern high street.  

Some of it's good - I like the olive green trench and the frilly pink shirt that Alexa has been trotting around town in paired with high waisted Levis. But £20 for a pack of two itchy looking OAP vests may have been better left behind.

Certainly it seems a step in the right direction for Brand Chung. Thanks to the mix of Marky's old fashioned credibility and the wildly successful docu series she developed with Vogue Alexa seems to have found her groove again. 

What do you reckon? Does Alexa still hold swaying power over what you buy?Will you be lining up to buy the collection? Let us know what you think by click one of the social links below.