What to wear when it snows in April

One week its boiling hot and sunny and we're tucking away that winter coat to bring out a nice light jacket. The next week it's actually snowing, and we've barely had time to put our tights back. WTF is happening to the British weather?!? Nobody seems to know, and it's hard to keep your look super spring/summery when it's bloody freezing. Here's a lowdown of the best ways to keep cosy even though it's definitely May and we should be sunning ourselves with mojitos in the park. 

Sort your clothes into summer and winter pieces



Somehow it feels like you can get away with wearing a really heavy print in summer as long as it's light and bright. I recently split my wardrobe almost in half, with the dark pieces to one side and the light/neutrals/blues to the other. Of course I'll still wear tons of black but it seems like separating my wardrobe in this way has given me new insight into my wardrobe, plenty of new ideas. Sometimes you need to have that spring clean even when the weather isn't admitting it's spring. So sort through those clothes, pack away those wintery colours and heavy knits that you know you won't wear over the summer months. Put away the tights and brave the bare legs. 


Thanks to the embroided/flared jeans trend, trousers are safely on our agenda and can remain so whatever the weather. Keep it fresh by wearing lighter colours or keeping your top light and airy will keep that summer vibe while still staying cosy.

Spare Layer


I hate cardigans and I'm not ashamed of that. I'm pretty sure they should be relegated to people over the age of 60, and even then I think it's a pretty risky game. Though they provide a good layering option, I much prefer throwing a shirt on over the top of an outfit. Flannel, silk or even cotton all provide a little extra warmth when the weather changes and when the suns back out, they look so much better wrapped around your waist. Don't be scared to layer. It's a talent.

Summer Jumper


This jumper from Olive Clothing has been on my wish list for literally weeks/months. I've had it bookmarked on my computer every since it popped up on the online shop. There are alternatives though. If you're interested in staying cosy, keep your jumper summery by looking for clean bright colours and pretty prints. Rad clothing always have fun and playful pieces which sometimes come in cute pairs for you and your BFF (see above).