Week 3 of #6am

I have learnt two things about waking up at 6am; it's too early. And it's too early to pretend to be cool. 

Self declared lark that I am, I don't believe I can keep going with this 6am thing every day. The struggle of getting out of bed, the fog that seems to descend by 4pm means that by 10 o'clock in the evening I'm absolutely exhausted. Nights with my partner and mornings at home over the Easter break have affirms it further; six am is very early to wake up. and it still feels very early.

The good thing is that I now wake up at 6.30 happily. 6am is early. 6.30 is a bit of a treat, half an hour of pottering around, and normally means I can be out the house by 7/definitely before half past. It's given me significantly more time in the mornings, time which I desperately need in the coming weeks with revision and assignments looming.

Waking up early is made a whole lot easier with the help of a cracking play list and some toast and peanut butter (breakfast I swear by). One of the greatest things about waking up at 6am has to be the discovery of the brilliant Adele Roberts show on radio one. Broadcasting between 4-6.30, Adele plays some cracking tunes and rejoices in the early mornings with enthusiasm. By far my favourite radio show of the moment.

If radios not your thing though, or you're just looking for a little inspiration from your own music library here are the songs that help en wake up in the morning, which I either listen to as I get ready for my day or head to university on my commute.

If I'm getting up at 6am, I'm going to listen to some happy pop music. I am not ashamed of that. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of music generally, but deep house does nothing for me as I'm trying to wake up. I need energy. I need cheese. I need Ariana. 

To be honest, I find a bit of independent women makes me feel most empowered and ready for my day, so here's my top tips: 

Bey, Kelly and Michelle



I am so into J.Lo at the moment, her tunes are so iconic. Either that or I just wanna leap out of bed and turn them off before it can get to the part of Pitbull.

Jess Glynne 

I tweeted Jess Glynne the other day and she RESPONDED! It's the most action my twitter feed has ever had, and I can't even pretend I'm a massive fan. 

Little Mix

My number one guilty pleasure, Little Mix. I could happily strut along to the library humming along to Wings or strutting to the subway listening to Salute, because I just love the pop foursome. I'm not even ashamed.