The Queen is my substitute granny

I love the Queen and I am not ashamed of that. I realise it may not be particularly cool but I actually just don't care. I think she's mint. She's the ultimate feminist icon. Ruler of this country, she travels the world,engaging with different cultures and people, and representing the UK. She took to the throne at the tender age of 27 and became Queen of England after the sudden loss of her father. 

I kinda feel like she acts as a substitute granny, a matriarch who rules over the country and keeps us tucked under her gorgeous colourful wings.  My grandmothers both passed away before I turned 18 and there is something very comforting in looking to the queen and celebrating her birthday. I'm all for street parties and bake off and tea and all of the things that come with it. 

She is repeatedly on point with her fashion and looks elegant and beautiful, with bright bold colours to help her stand out from the crowd. At 90, her style remains iconic around the world.