Style is such an intrinsic part of our make up. It is the message we send out to the world, it is a form of art that we wear with pride. It's a way to express ourselves and the way we wear clothes.

The Stylelikeu project is determined to find out what lies underneath. The mother daughter duo interview models, designers and fashion icons and as they ask their questions, the interviewee removes items of clothing until they are in their underwear. It's a beautiful project, one about self acceptance. It's a fantastic expression of self worth and honesty, with incredible results. A variety of women with a variety of bodies and life stories.

The idea is style is not just the clothes you wear, but the way you carry yourself and your life story. As amazing as clothes are, we think that sometimes it's so important to remind yourself of the StylelikeU philosophy, which you can see below. 

Your body is your home, so it's important to feel comfortable in it and to embrace it wholeheartedly. A wise man once said your body is a temple, and it's worth looking after that temple, whatever shape or size it may be. Check out the StylelikeU site and let us know which of the interviews you connect with most.