On the Wish List: Birthday Edition

I love birthdays. I know it’s naff, I know it’s vulgar, I know it makes me sound like a terrible diva. But I’ve wanted to say it for ages and now I am finally saying it on behalf of those not bold enough to do the same: birthdays are the best. 

You know those people who are bashful about birthdays, turning down big chunks of cake and shrugging off  fuss and shying away from presents? What's wrong with them exactly? Who doesn't want to celebrate surviving another year and have free licensee to eat cake and drink gallons of prosecco? Certainly not me. 

Maybe it is because my birthday aways swings round as soon as exams end meaning I am all geared up and ready to celebrate. Maybe I am just a big old birthday diva.

Either way being cooped up in the library is the perfect time to procrastinate with presents. So here is the perfect round up of things I want but could never afford to buy/justify myself. And isn't that what birthdays are all about?

Joking! It's not all about me. Boyfriends of Britain. This list is my gift to you. Buy your gf just one thing from this list and I guarantee you'll knock her socks off. Honestly, no need to thank me. Just buy me a drink on my birthday. 

Elemis kit to give me squeaky clean skin. 

And speaking of skin, I can't tell you how desperate I am to try this ultra fancy make-up brush. Someone buy it for me please. 

The essential cashmere jumper.

Ray Ban rip offs or if you are feeling very generous, the real deal. Iolla in Glasgow also do a pretty nifty pair. 

The perfect blush pink trench.

Office Mules - I'll take all three please.

Dreamy silk trousers.

The Alexa Dress.

New earrings are top of my list. I like this pair in particular but also these hoops. 

Any and all of the gold rings sold by Elizabeth and James.

Exams are over (soon) and I am ready to get lost in some great books. Here is what is on my wish list. Everything Elena Ferrante. Hot Milk and The Lonely City. 

Kiehl's body butter. 

A new fragrance.

Warsan Shire poetry please.