Shoulda, woulda, coulda - Why spontaneous shopping can be better

It's a grey midi dress from Oliver Bonas. It's a pair of heels from Topshop. It's an angora jumper from & other stories...These are items which I agonized over in the shop, checked the price tags, ran through my wardrobe in my head and evaluated how much use each piece could be. Ultimately, I put them back down. I left the shop. And I haven't stopped thinking about them since.

Sometimes spontaneous shopping is a terrible idea. You end up buying stuff you never wear,that doesn't fit in with your personal style, that's expensive and a waste of money. But sometimes the spontaneous shop is fantastic, and the items you get will be perfect. There's a reason you're attracted to them. And the problem is, when they're gone they are gone. I returned to Oliver Bonas a week or two later, and there were no dresses in my size anymore. When I looked up the angora jumper on the & other stories website, it had sold out almost immediately. And I could not get it out of my head. 

Two years later, and I still can't stop thinking about that jumper. It may sound stupid, but it just fits into my wardrobe so well.I check eBay (a site I've never actually used) AGAIN and I find it. In the perfect size. For half the price. I need it. I have no idea how ebay works, but maybe this is the moment I need.

I watch it like a hawk, and I bid on it. I won it. And now it's in my wardrobe and it's beautiful and it's so soft and I want to wear it every single day. I have no idea how to wash angora (someone please tell me) but my point is...

Sometimes spontaneous shopping is exactly what you need and should do. Some of the best pieces in my wardrobe came at moments where I just took out my debit card and spent the money. Responsible thinking and planning is important, of course. It's important to think about how pieces fit into your wardrobe, how it might fit your body and what outfits you might end up wearing with it. 

Don't miss out. Be spontaneous. Buy the fucking jumper.