Freckle Fun

A friend of mine recently shared an image from a advert, claiming that "someone will always love your imperfections" plastered across the image of a woman's face covered in freckles. Though my freckles aren't nearly as noticeable as the advert, I've got such an affection for them as they make my skin unique. I like the ones on my hands,and I've got a couple on my back. My partner likes to poitn out I have three sets in patterns which look like mini constellations on my face. The gorgeous GiGi Hadid is an icon for those of us who are proud of our freckles, as she frequently bears hers for the world to see.

And why not? Freckles are a natural skin pigmentation and are normally completely harmless (check any funky looking moles or freckles you haven't spotted before though).  Marie Claire just published an incredible guide as to why some people have freckles whilst others don't, if you're interested in the science of the freckle. 

Thank you, for letting me know that someone will one day love my imperfections. But perhaps those won't be defined by you. And I'm pretty sure they won't be my freckles.