How to pack like a boss

Ok. Hands up. Who knows how to actually pack? I'm yet to meet someone who finds packing a breeze/manages to stay under the weight limit/ liquid limit/ not pack every pair of shoes they own. 

As proof of my own poor packing please see the below, very sad, photographic evidence. 

Here I am on a hot and overpacked RyanAir flight to Barcalona wearing five shorts/skirts and thirteen tops. Plus two books stuffed in my waistband. Out of shot I am also wearing heels as my trainers weighed less inside my my carry on. I am aware I look a million stone – guys it's the jumpers okay! 

What a hot mess. Luckily now that I am older and wiser, or at least I can appreciate the advice of someone older and wiser. 

Cue Joan Didion. 

The legendary Didion references her packing list in her 1979 book of essays – the seminal White Album. If you don't have a copy, buy/beg/steal and get one now. Once you have it turn to page 34 and rip it out and stick it in you wardrobe.  

Joan kept this list to her closet door, she writes, “during those years when I was reporting more or less steadily. This list enabled me to pack, without thinking, for any piece I was likely to do.” And when Joan Didion tells you what to pack - you shut up and listen. 



- 2 skirts

- 2 jerseys or leotards

- 1 pullover sweater

- 2 pair shoes

- stockings

- bra

- nightgown, robe, slippers

- cigarettes

- bourbon

- bag with: shampoo, toothbrush and paste, Basis soap, razor, deodorant, aspirin, prescriptions, Tampax, face cream, powder, baby oil


- mohair throw

- typewriter

- 2 legal pads and pens

- files

- house key


Alternatively if bourbon, stockings and a typewriter seem a little impractical to travel with (we got ya - baggage limits are a bitch) why not download the EXCLUSIVE and VERY HIGH BROW Two Birds packing list. 

Don't say we ain't good to you. 

Download here

Download here


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