Beauty Wars: Are you Team Nature or Team Science?

When it comes to your skin, what team are you fighting for?

Over in the red corner, I am a self professed beauty junkie and I like science heavy stuff that can really pack a punch. 

Over in the blue corner, glowy goddess Mercy Cummings swears by keeping things light, bright and wholly natural. Later this week I'll be telling you why I think the science stuff always comes out on top.

But for now, Mercy tells you why she puts her trust in all things all natural. 

Round 1: Team Nature 

Kirsty and I have many things in common, but our skin care regimes and our attitudes towards beauty products are vastly different.

We both have sensitive skin; Kirsty employs the latest buzzy beauty products with great success, whilst I prefer to do nothing and hope that my skin irritations will be magically replaced with a Gisele-like glow.

For several months I have been struggling with a persistent irritated rash on areas of my face particularly through the winter months. After much frantic googling I decided it could be perioral dermatitis and, in a bid to improve my skin, I decided to eliminate sodium lauryl sulphate. Almost all products contain SLS. I had to buy organic toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap. I replaced conventional moisturiser with pure aloe vera and coconut oil and I substituted Listerine mouthwash for sporadic oil pulling.

I try to avoid makeup, but on the rare occasions that I do wear it I always choose BareMinerals and later remove it with coconut oil. On a daily basis I generally only ever rinse my face with cold water which is not quite the recommended cleanse, tone and moisturise regime that most people follow.

When I do want to clean my skin effectively I use a few soaked oats. This can be a messy procedure and, unless you do it carefully, your sink and hairline can accumulate a layer of porridge.

I wash my hair about once a week, meaning that shampoo and conditioner last for months.

I do the bare minimum to my skin; I avoid touching it or rinsing it with hot water. I keep away from products containing SLS and try to keep things simple. I have noticed that my rash seems to have disappeared recently so maybe my routine works - on the other hand, it might just be a result of the change in seasons. Either way, one major benefit of this more natural approach is that it is super affordable and pretty speedy.

Top tip: Buy an ionic toothbrush 

Beauty idol: Gisele 

Other Team Nature icons: Brianna Lance, Stevie Dance and Phoebe Tonkin