Does Meghan Trainor's latest single carry the message women needed to hear?

We've all been there. Crowded dance floor. Sticky floors. You close your eyes to let the music and moment wash over you. And then you feel an unwanted arm snake around your waist. 

I get it, God loves a trier and boys have been raised to 'be persistent' when a girl plays 'coy'. But sometimes a girl just isn't feeling it. And that's okay. 

At least in needs to be. Too many friends have told me endless stories of how they have been in heartbreaking positions where they 'felt like they couldn't say no.'  

With Intentional Woman's Day around the corner, it got me thinking (very Carrie Bradshaw I know) do we we really have whole day to celebrate being boss bitches, but still often feel like we don't have the power to say no? That's bullshit. 

For years women have been raised to be diligent and to be considerate. To turn things down gently, or sometimes not at all. But when it comes to sex,when it comes to consent-  we need to teach our girls that they have the right to say no. 

So thank goodness then for Megan Trainor. Yes, the pop star that no one took seriously has unexpected made a come back with the song of the year- and a political message to boot. 

In her darn right catchy tune (which you can listen to here) Megan waxes lyrical about to power of the word no. And she is damn right - "All my ladies, listen up/ If that boy ain't giving up...Girl all you gotta say is NO"

In a world where women make an estimated £300000 less than men over working life and we are being advised to switch on the Chrome function that highlights when we use the words “Just” and “Sorry” in Emails - clearly we need to keep teaching girls the power of No. 

It's embarrassing to think that grown women believe they can't take ownership of the word.  But we all do it. And we allow ourselves to do it because we think it's important to be polite and kind and nice. And while politeness does hold a currency, having the power to say when you are uncomfortable, or overwhelmed or unhappy is priceless.

In the office, in the club, in the bedroom - these two letters are often the best ammunition a woman can have. So let's use it. 

If Meghan can say it 67 times in one song - well then there is no reason we can't too. 


Kirsty McKenzie