Mum week: Style Pieces We Stole From Our Mums

What better way to honour our mothers this Mothers Day then to understand and see the way they shaped us. Mothers are a  hugely influential force which many of us are lucky enough to have into our adult lives. They seep into our beliefs, shape our personalities and influence the way we even dress. 

My mum feels most comfortable in jeans and a shirt, understanding the effortless ability of dressing up denim and/or wearing silk or flannel shirts. The diversity in the classic nature of her style continues to influence me - particularly as I have been known to dabble in her wardrobe occasionally. Being lucky enough to have a mother and sister who are around the same size can often mean a wardrobe triple the size. And though my mother's style could be described as basic by some, by wearing up-market brands and buying durable clothes which will last her clothes outlast trends. 

She also always allowed me to dress myself as freely as I liked, understanding that growing up is a time to express yourself through your clothes. I continue to express myself through my clothes, but it was through the freedom brought my mum and the confidence I felt in shopping and my own personal style.   

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