Tech we're actually interested in

Sometimes life can feel like one big advertisement. We are brazenly told "You need the new iPhone/3d printer/oculus rift else you'll end up unemployed, unhappy and lonely." It can feel as though if we don't jump onto the new tech bandwagon, we'll be left alone with our old fashioned tv set sipping a cup of English breakfast and wondering what on earth went wrong. 

This constant consumeristic attitude can be all consuming in a different way. As we'd bombarded by all these images and new (for lack of a better word) stuff, there is a part of me which wants to run away. A real part of me yearns for a quieter life, a more basic life. A friend of mine recently told me she had been living in a van for the past few years and, incredibly and perhaps surprisingly, I was jealous of her. How could she live so simply, and without so much clutter? 

However, in terms of technology what we need to remember is that it should be making our lives easier not harder. My #vanlife friend uses a shewee. Without that piece of tech, her life surely would have been a whole lot harder. We live in an incredible world where tech should help us live better and happier, healthier lives. There's no need for it to take over everything. Here are our picks for tech which can make your day to day life easier, without taking over everything.  

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Bluetooth headphones

I recently purchased a pair for £16 from Amazon, and these headphones have now become an essential in my handbag. Eliminating any threat of tangle from wires and absolutely no faffing around as you try to find your phone on your commute, these have eliminated a fair amount of stress for me in the morning. They might not be the prettiest of headphone, but they serve the purpose well. And for £16, you can't ask for much more really.  


iPad/(other tablet) keyboard

I brought an iPad for the specific reason that I could use it as a miniature laptop. My own laptop, a monster Sony vaio, weighs approximately a ton and doesn't fit in any of my handbags.  I am yet to even find a laptop bag it could be stuffed into. An iPad is so easy and light and the keyboard/case I brought cost as little as £20. It also needs charging relatively often (once a week) but I can't explain how useful it has been thus far for working on the go. It also comes in a variety of colours; I am often complimented on my little gold laptop before people realise what it is. I love it.


Phone tripod

If you film anything using your phone, and frankly who doesn't these days, then this will come in handy. It's soo useful, easy and simple, it's basically indestructible. Essentially, it's perfect for taking photos as a beginner or a pro, and can be used alongside a variety of phone apps to act as a makeshift point and shoot camera. 


Rechargeable iPhone case

The classic complaint about iPhones is their terrible battery life. I often forget my phone charger, meaning I am occasionally stranded with a lack of communication and/or the time. Enter, the rechargeable phone case. Amazon stock a variety of cases, with diverse reviews accompanying them, but I like this guy, who is only £8. Used in desperate situations, it's exceptionally useful while travelling if your phone is hitting that little red mark.