Bedroom inspo

Whether you're moving home for the summer post uni, renting out a new room having taking up a new job or just fancy sprucing up your bedroom, spring represents a great time for a new start. Lambs are born, chicks are hatched, and you could just pop down to your nearest Oliver Bonas (or primark home) to pick yourself up some bright and colourful pieces. With exam season for many looming around the corner, cheer yourself up by changing the mood of your bedroom with a few little alterations. Here's what we'll be buying this bank holiday weekend. 


Art is something I've only recently started taking really seriously in my bedroom. At the moment I have a friends printed poster up on my wall, a Romany Rowell original, and soveringer pieces htat I've picked up on my travels. It's something I feel I should start looking into investing in now that I am out of university and facing the big bad world. 


If the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, then why not dress it up. Use fun prints to add something special to your room. This allows you to shift the dynamic of your bedroom every time you change your sheets. I'd rather spend more money on different kinds of bed sheets and throws (especially when your bedroom is baltic and three extra blankets are needed to keep you from turning to ice). Mixing prints allows you to make many different combinations, be they floral or clever patterns, and have a bit of fun with your bed. 




As much as renting can feel like you're constantly on the move, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest in some pieces which you'll keep longer term. In a world where everything feels very fast moving, sometimes having a few good steady constants can connect you everything together. 




Harriet Johnston