The #6amclub: Week One and we're already struggling

This week: 

And by struggling I mean...I'm exhausted. I'm not sure if it's waking up so early or actually managing to do more with my day, but I just think 6aming it seems a whole lot harder than expected. 

Now I don't want to flat out lie, I have had a couple of lie ins. I've had several mornings with my partner where I was unsure he'd enjoy me springing out of bed and leaping into downward dog at 6.01am (I'm looking at the morning after he drank two bottles of red wine as a particular example). Maybe that was breaking the rules a bit, but I'm hoping I'm allowed an excuse to lie in till 7am (the latest I've gotten out of bed this week).

There is something lovely about waking up earlier though. I've had great mornings every day this week, be that at the university library or chilling with a cup of tea and a leisurely breakfast. It also helps that getting up at 6am I feel means you should be able to have at least two breakfasts to get you through the morning. Early breakfast, to handle work and the commute to uni and then 9am breakfast, to actually power myself through the morning of lectures. 

But seriously.  Somehow when the sun is just rising and the rush of the morning has yet to strike, the day is so fresh and new. It feels like nothing can go wrong. The last two mornings I've given myself alarm-free (it is the weekend), and I still feel myself rising by 6.30. The plan is working. I'm being more productive. Now to be more positive....

What do I hope for next week: 

This week I'd like to start taking the time in the morning to walk to university. The fresh air will do me good and, though the walk isn't massively picturesque, why not spend a little bit more of my morning outside? I also hope this will encourage a more calm start the morning, instead of the busy and packed commute on Glasgow's minute subway system. 

I'd also like to get to university before 7.30 at least three days this week...which means leaving the house by 7. 

And finally, positivity.
I get pretty anxious sometimes, so I'm going to force myself to take fifteen minutes in the morning and make a positivity list. Every morning I write my To Do list for the day; why shouldn't I write a positivity list too? I'm going to start writing down things which make me feel happy, whether that is people I'm thankful for or things I like about myself or positive affirmations to get me through an exam or internship interview. I think sometimes it is very easy to forget that surely being positive is just as important (if not more so) than being productive. 

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