Embracing the rain

My partner often has to remind me that being sad is a part of life. Without it, he says, I would struggle to feel happy or excited or any positive emotion. Being sad, or having any negative feeling, is a part of the ying and yang. Then why do I feel so guilty whenever I feel sad?

I consciously try to cheer myself up immediately, think of ways to occupy my mind, determined that I won't let my day spiral into anything negative. I always look for the lesson to be learn or the positive outcome. I struggle to admit I'm feeling sad or lonely or I need help to friends (and to my partner) for fear of becoming that person; sad, lonely, angry...I fear that showing the people I care about that side of me will make them stop caring for me. 

Recently, the words my partner said have taken on a different dimension. I was listening to this podcast by The Pool.  The words spoken by Melissa Harrison describe the importance of being outside and enjoying the beautiful countryside, but also say that sometimes this can be hard due to the temperamental weather. I live in Scotland. I know all about temperamental weather. What Harrison goes on to say is that you must embrace walking in the rain then, if you want to get outside in the nature. She states that walking in the rain has its benefits too, that there are moments of serenity in the bad weather. 

I can completely relate. Last summer my family and I set off for a walk across the Scottish hills when we were caught in a sudden downpour. Suddenly, huddled beneath a tiny tree whilst thunder echoed around us, we were all laughing at our naivity not to bring coats with hoods and umbrellas. Always expect rain in Scotland, this is what I have learnt. Anyway, the thing here is that no matter even if it is raining, you can and should embrace it.

One of the most comforting websites I actually use to proactively feel less anxious is the rainy mood site. Something about the idea of drumming rain outside your window is incredibly  relaxing. What I need to remember though is that it's okay to be out in the rain. Just like it's okay to be sad. And it's okay to ask for help. Nobody can be happy all the time.