Try This: The 6am Club


Mornings are underrated.  Nothing has gone to shit yet, and you've still got the possibility of having a really excellent day. Here at Two Birds we want to tap into that good energy and encourage everyone to start the day right. Welcome to the club. 

The Bird: Kirsty 

The Goal: Start calm and keep going.

Ok, I'll admit it. Between job hunting, juggling deadlines and beginning revision I've noticed myself feeling a little out of whack. I'm short tempered, stressy and eating like a bear. It's time to shake things up. 

So in a bid for our days to be more calm, mindful and productive Harriet and I are launching the 6am club. The idea is pretty simple. Set your alarm for 6am and devote the first hour (or two) of your day to a tranquil methodical morning routine. That's it. My personal 6am master plan? Starting the day with a mug of hot water and lemon (just like my Grannie used to), a stretch and either a bit of yoga or a run.

Although I'm not much of a morning person I am excited to make use of the brighter mornings and try and put a spring in my step before I have to face the days challenges. Harriet and I will be updating you weekly on how we are getting on and will be using the hashtag #6amclub. Join us, grumble with us and share your tips and tricks. 

The Bird: Harriet

The Goal: Positivity and Productivity

My dad has always said there are two types of people. There are owls and there are larks. Owls stay up late, seeing in the early hours with work or parties, and struggling to get out of bed before 12 the next day. Larks can leap out of bed, embrace the morning and find themselves yawning by 4 o'clock. My dad assured me that I am a lark. And he's right.

While others struggle to get up for our 9am start at university, I spring into action at around 7am every day, taking an hour and a half in the morning just for me. Sometimes I work, sometimes I get admin done and sometimes I hoover  (apologies to my neighbours). My mind just feels its sharpest in the morning, before the weight of the day has clouded over my positive and productive mood. I like to save my evenings for friends or exercising, as opposed to slogging away over the computer when I've already been working 9-5. I'd rather be tucked up in bed with a book at 10pm than indulging in a lengthy lie in.

So I'm hoping the 6am club will give me a chance to be that little bit more productive and make good use of the time of day when I feel most awake. My only concern? I've got a friends birthday party on Thursday and I'm not sure what 6am will look like in the light of a hangover. I'll keep you updated. 


Still need convincing? Set your alarm tomorrow and try out one of these steps and seeing how much it improves your day. 

Wake you body up with a warming herbal tea or lemon and hot water

15 minutes of meditation 


Vitamins (try Fish Oils and B+D Vitamins)

Writing your to do list 

A yoga tutorial

Half an hour of exercise 

And if all else fails? Surely nothing beats a Queen Bey wake up call. Rise and shine Birds!