Work wear you'll want to wear

Work wear tends to be rubbish - all starchy suits and disproving eye rolls when some dares to be daring. Who cares about those fools? You're in this stuff more than you are in your PJs so you want to look good. 

So let's jump straight in shall we? Here is the 911 on what you need to kick ass in the office. 

1) Get inspired 

2) Do the Maths 

3) Get Suited...

4) And Booted

The perfect work shoe? It doesn't get much better than a mule...honestly bear with me. Perfect height heel? Check. Comfortable thanks to whole foot being tucked in? Check. Fashion forward? Hell yes check! Need more persuasion? M&S are doing a killer selection at the moment for under 50 quid a pop. Plus they come with that Insolia padding stuff so you know they'll take you staight to comfy foot heaven. The perfect amount of both geek and chic. 

And one last thing? 

Add gold hoops. Always.