For Love of (P)Leather

I think I wear leather clothing every day. I'm one for the classic leather jacket, or a good plether skirt, a pair of shorts for a night out all paired with my leather look backpack from Topshop. Leather is an absolute essential in my wardrobe and I couldn't live without it. A lot of my looks tend to be based around black leather and so, in my effort to embrace the warmer days of March, I've been checking out the options to take leather into the summer months.

Pair your pieces with lighter fabrics to lift the outfit and as soon as the opportunity comes, get those legs out. Balance out the heaviness of leather with some softer lines. Or wear full leather "biker chic" and work the rocker style. And branch out from the traditional black (gulp). There are some beautiful pieces which look far more expensive and manage to pull off the coloured leather look. 

(Just an FYI - when I say leather, what I mean is pleather. Here at Two Birds we want to look good and feel good about the clothes we wear. For me,an element of that does come from educating myself about where and how material is sourced. Each to their own, but as a rule, I always try to buy pleather as opposed to leather.)