Style Profile: Gal Pal Rachel Green

Rachel Green is the iconic 90s/early 00s style icon for many. Exuding style from the moment she stepped onto our screens in a soggy wedding dress, Rachel's fashion defined many a scene on everybody's favourite tv show.

Wildly independent, funny, sexy and chic, Rachel was determined career woman who works her way up. Abandoning everything she knows, Rachel moves to New York to live with people she barely knows, leaving behind everything she thought she knew...a concept which is entirely relatable to many 20-somethings these days (the classic "move to London or not" dilemma).

At the end of the 10 seasons of friends, Rachel is a wildly successful career woman, a mother surrounded by an incredible group of mates and owner to a fabulous wardrobe.  What more could you want.


Denim Shirts

Black Tights (Marks and Spencers works an absolute treat)

Work wear (We recommend checking out Mango for great power suits)

Slip Dresses


Defining Style Moments:

Rachel's wardrobe development from 90s casual to working woman chic is one to be desired. The perfect balance between comfort and professionalism, Rachel's wardrobe evolved as her career took off. Her cute skirts in the coffee house quickly transformed into office attire which any one would die for at their first job.