Geordie Style

How has your city shaped your style?

Growing up in Newcastle means growing up somewhere cloaked in stereotypes. Photographs of women taking to the streets in little clothing and high heels are paired with armies of Magpie fans clad in black and white stripes. Maybe it's because I call it home, but the city is the friendliest I've ever been to. The supportive, kind Geordie spirit is something I've always been proud of; we're a confident clan, who are unashamed of the city we're from.

I have never been afraid to show a little skin, to rock a mini skirt - no one should be, that is the Geordie way. I feel as though growing up in Newcastle gave me confidence in my own body, proud of the way I look and the clothes I choose to wear.

As much as this is true, as is my love for mono-chrome. Potentially a signal to "the black and white army", somehow every time I wear that combination of colours (which is every day), I feel more of a lark to Newcastle than to Paris.

Finally, the charitable spirit of the city is entrenched in my style. Newcastle is a city full of incredible charity shops and people who work to build a sustainably fashionable community. This is undoubtedly a unique spirit of Newcastle.

Where is your favourite place to shop in the city?

The city centre is one of my favourite to shop in, with the fairly-recently opened St Andrew's Way providing some of the biggest shops in the country. The area around Monument is also fantastic; with favourites Urban Outfitters, Dr Marten and FCUK a stones throw from one another, you can't go wrong. What it lacks is Zara; it's a clear gaping hole when looking for suitable work wear.

Better yet is the treasure trove of vintage shops along High Bridge Street, down by the Bigg Market.

Favourite pieces from Newcastle?

The majority of my favourite pieces are hand-me-downs. A t-shirt my dad gifted to me from his student years, Mum's silk shirt which she no longer parent's contribution to my style goes beyond recognition. My mum grew up in Newcastle and has never ventured too far from that area, whereas my dad has travelled further, living in New York for a while before returning to Newcastle, his birth town.
I've got some great bits and bobs from clothes shops. And then it's the classic high street shops; Topshop, Marks and Spencers, Urban Outfitters are probably my favourite.

24 hours in Newcastle?

Head for breakfast/brunch at Quay Ingredient on the Quayside, and take a stroll through along the water front, taking in the incredibly bridges and scenary. Pop into The Baltic for a cheeky bit of contemporary art (and a stunning sight from the viewing platform), before strolling up Grey Street and taking in the amazing architecture. Check out Grey's Monument and a spot of shopping in Eldon Square. Needing a spot of tea? The Quilliam brothers tea room is for you, at the top of town, or if you're wanting an early tipple, The Botanist or Pleased to Meet You are two bars in the centre of town that have a fab atmosphere. Embrace the Geordie spirit and head along The Diamond Strip if you're looking for a night out - the selection of two pound trebles and classier clubs make for a great night out (be sure to check out Tokyo, Jalou, Mimo [you'll be the oldest one there, I can guarentee you that] before heading to The Cut for a edgy atmosphere and great DJs.