Style Icon: Melanie Blath from All Saints

Black Coffee or Pure Sures? Perhaps the best interview question yet to be used (I assure you when my career kicks off it will be the first question I ask every mediocre celebrity in order to gauge their prestige and reason).

ANYWAY lets talk All Saints (no not the clothes shop) and let's talk Mel B (no not the Scary kind). Melanie Blath was the original 90s superstar. All pouty lips, feathered hair and cargo pants, this girls was my first style icon and can be blamed for my awkward foray into black eyeliner and khaki trousers at the ripe old age of eight. 

Every girl has a band member they love the most. In Spice Girls it was Baby but once I graduated to the soulful crooning of All Saints, Mel was the one to steal my heart. 

With All Saints' new single 'One Strike' out in ten days from now (on February 26) it's the perfect opportunity to look back through their hits, go back through your wardrobe and rethinking your brown eyeliner and khaki combo. Don't pretend you don't want to.