I don’t give a ****

I’m one of the army of people who loves a good inspirational quote. I read Flow magazine frequently and I’m always on the hunt for new ways to relax and stay calm. I keep an eye out for calming iPhone apps which can provide a moment of peace in my hectic day. My tutor at university recently told me I need to take a break and stop rushing around everywhere.

She warned me I shouldn’t drink any more coffee (I never touch a drop).

I’m just one among many; it seems any time I mention suffering from a bit of anxiety to a friend, she/he shares exactly the same sentiment. “Yes!” They exclaim “Have you had a panic attack/sometimes I just can’t catch my breathe/sometimes I just have to curl up for days until I feel better again.”

Feeling calm and content is something I absolutely relish in, seeing as it’s a bit of a “treat” feeling for me. It’s definitely not a daily occurrence.

An article from The Pool recently caught my eye, and a book which kept reappearing on my news antennae once again caught my eye. ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck’ by Sarah Knight seemed to be everywhere around December – landing on our shelves in perfect time for those January Blues that everybody warns us about. Parody of ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up’, this book (according to Amazon) rids you of shame, guilt and fundamentally asks – what do you give a fuck about. At one point in the book, you are asked to make a Give a Fuck list*, to help you realise the main priorities in life. And in a world which is so full of distractions, permanent trauma (it seems) and so much rushing, this felt like a lifeline to me.

Here’s mine:

The central theme of this, and the reason this list is now stuck on my bedroom mirror, is that these are the things I actually truly care about. When I meditate on any of these thoughts, in my deepest moments, this is what it should boil down to.
When worries feel too big to handle, when everything feels a bit too much, I should ask myself a series of questions related to this list.

  • am I being a good friend?
  • am I being a supportive sister/daughter/grand-daughter?
  • am I doing what I can to be creative, successful and progressive in my career?
  • And most importantly, perhaps, should I give a fuck about this?

*[The book suggests creating an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ list too, but somehow this feels a little too negative to me. I’m just here to focus on the good stuff. ]